Monday, April 1, 2013

'special interests' Continue Clean Energy Growth Industry Propaganda

The now some forty years of, once successfully, blocking the growth of an industry in this country continues and by the usual suspects. Seems even the new heavily financed meme's of denial of climate change are working as well as those they used previous, like fossils fuels are infinite or will always be cheap, only falling faster to the wayside as reality checks in again. Now throwing whatever against the wall to see what sticks the longest or garners the biggest number of fools to parrot far and wide.

False picture on renewable energy
March 30, 2013 - A seismic shift occurred in the U.S. electric power industry this January. For the first time since the federal government began tracking new power plants, renewable energy sources - biogas, solar and wind - accounted for 100% of generating capacity added that month.

This milestone does not please fossil fuel interests, who are alarmed over the prospect of losing market share to clean energy. To reverse this trend, they have launched a national campaign involving the planting of so-called studies in selected states that falsely demonize renewable energy.

One such report, prepared by Beacon Hill Institute, a Massachusetts think tank that is openly hostile to pro-renewable energy policy, surfaced in Wisconsin last week. read more>>>

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