Friday, April 5, 2013

Kenyan Solar-Powered Blue Empire Cottage

Gorgeous Solar-Powered Blue Empire Cottage Filters Equatorial Light in Kenya
04/03/13 - Claudio Modola designed the Blue Empire Cottage in Manda - the latest stop on our steamy Kenyan odyssey. Slightly elevated and constructed with locally-sourced African teak, this gorgeous holiday home for Italian physicians is so well integrated with its modest waterside plot that it's hard to know what is inside and what is out. All kinds of natural materials such as fossilized coral and driftwood are incorporated into the design, resulting in one of the most tasteful shrines to nature that we have ever seen, while intriguing cutouts in the facade create shadow play that infuses the home with a rich natural glow.

We traveled to the house by boat and were surprised to find it concealed from the shoreline, hidden as it is by a large acacia tree left intact by the designer. This complete adoration of nature is evident in all aspects of the Blue Empire cottage’s design. Wrapped around an indoor garden planted with local species, the teak panels feature geometric cutouts that allows natural light to trickle in. read more>>>

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