Monday, April 22, 2013

Crustacean Comeback : Lobsters and Wind Farms

Scientists Plan to Settle Lobsters In Wind Farms
April 22, 2013 – Scientists are hoping to revitalize the lobster population off the German island of Helgoland, and are enlisting the help of a nearby offshore wind farm whose rocky foundations make a good habitat. But there's potential for trouble: These aggressive crustaceans have a tendency to eat each other.

Lobsters are not the most pleasant of creatures. "They are cannibals and behave aggressively towards one another," says Heinz-Dieter Franke of the Biological Institute Helgoland (BAH). Unfortunately, that adds complexity to efforts to boost their dwindling populations.

For centuries, lobster fishing was a thriving industry in Helgoland. In the 1930s, some 80,000 of these large marine crustaceans were caught here per season, but the local lobster population was decimated by World War II. read more>>>

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