Friday, March 1, 2013

Using Microbes to Generate Electricity

The future energy sources would already have been here, and looking further for more while improving on the already, if we hadn't allowed the special interest to lock the brakes on the advancing high growth industry then, clean alternative energy sources, some forty years back along with same and similar exporting our once highly experienced and developing with time innovative trades workers to much less regulated and cheaper labor markets. They now have that experience and innovation built in as those that do grow into higher wage and benefits as we once did!

Humanity is running on full power
From the lights in our houses to our mobile devices, we are an energized society. And future energy sources could come from some pretty unlikely places.

Dr. Lenny Tender, a research chemist at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), has co-invented a device, known as a benthic microbial fuel cell, that persistently generates electrical power in marine environments. The fuel cell is being developed to persistently operate oceanographic sensors.

The fuel cell draws electricity from the sea floor, creating an interface between the sediment on the bottom of a marine environment and the overlying water. read more>>>

Enphase Micro Inverter M215-60-2LL-S22 MC4 from:

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