Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Future is Now: Educating Kids and Renewables

AIR DATE: March 11, 2013 Japanese Town Hit Hard by Natural and Nuclear Disaster Imagines Renewable Future
SUMMARY - Special correspondent Emily Taguchi reports from Minamisoma, Japan, a town aching for a comeback after an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. When the whole region lost its faith in nuclear power, some residents looked to the possibility of rebuilding industry by utilizing renewable energy sources. Transcript>>>


EMILY TAGUCHI: To bring together solar and the baker's plea to help the kids, Hangai worked to set up a partnership between Toshiba, which makes solar panels, and KidZania, the operator of a theme park where kids experience real-life jobs.

The result would be a solar power company in the city that not only generates electricity, but lets kids experiment with working in a renewable energy plant.

WOMAN: We would prepare a solar power generation system for kids. They'd have to figure out the best angle, direction, and how to place the panels to generate the most electricity.

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