Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Solar-powered mobile health centre's

Solar-powered mobile health centre rolls into Cape Town
Solar truck equipped with remarkable range of facilities could revolutionise healthcare in rural parts of sub-Saharan Africa

15 March 2013 - At the back of the truck is a small soundproof booth with a chair, light and pair of headphones. Outside the door sits a "screening memory audiometer" with a laptop and printer. This is an ear clinic on wheels, designed to reach the far-flung corners of Africa.

"Before they go to school, children are tested so we know their specific needs," says Kea' Modimoeng, of Samsung, unveiling the $250,000 (£168,000) vehicle in Cape Town, South Africa, this week. "If David has a hearing difficulty, let him sit at the front of the class instead of the back, where he's not able to take part in the lesson."

The ear clinic is just one element of what is billed as Africa's first solar-powered mobile health centre. read more>>>

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