Sunday, March 3, 2013

Solar Industry Boom

DeJa-Vu all over again! Like much of life things repeat themselves, and even a few times we learn the lessons not learned when they do. Remember going down this same road some forty years back, and similar reports about, but then we had an innovative and in most area's highly experienced workforce with a still expanding economy that was envied by many others on this planet. We allowed the brakes to be locked, by the special interests that didn't want to move forward but maintain their control and their wealth on the old fossil fuels used, on a growing industrial industry of alternative clean energy. We also started shipping, about the same time, those experienced trades to those that envied that now have that innovative work force, though at lower, but slowly growing, wage and benefit and virtually unregulated manufacturing and installation but are advancing the technologies in. We need, right here, more investments in R&D and developing and building the products and advancements in, along with finding other sources. And build another workforce, virtually from scratch, of innovative experianced labor who take pride in doing the best and better then anyone else, like we once had.

2 March 2013 - Solar manufacturing jobs increased by more than 14 percent last year. According to one U.S. solar manufacturer, this may just be the beginning. Jim Axelrod reports.

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