Wednesday, February 13, 2013

GE, Google, Together on Energy and Smart Grids

GE, Google Launch Mapping Partnership for Smart Grid, Energy
GE’s industrial internet meets Google’s mapping and mobile might.

Google, the world’s richest mapmaker (among other things), has just thrown its hat in the smart grid ring with General Electric, in a new partnership aimed at seizing ground in the field of next-generation geospatial tools for oil, gas, energy and telecommunications.

The two companies announced Tuesday morning that they’re integrating Google Maps data into GE's Smallworld electrical, telecommunications and gas applications -- a set of geospatial analytics tools and software that GE has adapted for Web, mobile and desktop use. On the smart grid front, GE is building Google’s mapping content into its grid distribution management system (DMS) and outage management system (OMS), and it’s also tapping Google’s Android platform to augment its existing mobile products, mainly to give them better, more information-rich maps. read more>>>

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