Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blocking Alternative Energy Industry, same ole same ole

The usual suspects, most names and faces have changed but wealth has grown thus easier to use, of the special interests seeking to continue blocking the growth in the alternative energy sources industry that have for the past forty years. Around same time they started shipping our innovative and experienced trades from our shores to others who now lead in those industries and fast advancing energy sources industries!

Media campaign against windfarms funded by anonymous conservatives
Secretive funding network channelled millions to stop state governments moving towards renewable energy

15 February 2013 - Conservatives used a pair of secretive trusts to fund a media campaign against windfarms and solar projects, and to block state agencies from planning for future sea-level rise, the Guardian has learned.

The trusts, Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, served as the bankers of the conservative movement over the past decade. Promising anonymity to their conservative billionaire patrons, the trusts between them channelled nearly $120m to contrarian thinktanks and activists, wrecking the chances of getting Congress to act on climate change.

Now the Guardian can reveal the latest project of the secretive funding network: a campaign to stop state governments moving towards renewable energy. read more>>>

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