Saturday, January 19, 2013

Germany's Green Revolution

This is what the so called reagan free market capitalism, con, was to do, private investments to advance a societies needs and entrepreneurs idea's instead of government investments into growth needs and the advancing technologies, the trickle down growth, and aren't doing as those capitalist hoard their huge gains while blocking any and all government growth.

Germany's green revolution
Program: Need To Know
Episode: Germany's green revolution

01/18/2013 - What would it take to transform the whole country’ electric grid–to shut down all of its old power plants, and move to a system that generates electricity exclusively from renewable resources? Rick Karr reports on how German political parties of every stripe are now backing a plan that is expected to nearly end that country’s use of fossil fuels by 2050.

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Keep in mind that if this Country, the U.S., had not been blocked from moving forward, by the special interests still doing so today, some forty years back, we would have not only had advanced the technologies now being produced and now will in the future but we might have moved into other forms of developing alternative clean, and not potentially dangerous, alternative sources. That should though happen rapidly as the innovations already in use have started doing right now and are bringing the costs of down.

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