Monday, January 28, 2013

Deniers Can No Longer Deny

Climate change denial is falling faster then the forty some years of other special interest well financed memes that the people easily bought into to suppress the developing growth of the much needed industry in alternative clean energy. Even the usual easily conned parrots of the memes can't deny the obvious of what's happening around them, to them and let alone all over! But the special interests funding the denier's along with their politicians, federal and state, have managed to waste valuable time, especially as the economy and jobs of were collapsing, these past recent years as have the new reagan capitalists with so little investment in economic growth, the basis of that new capitalism!

Climate change: No more denying it
January 26, 2013 - Withering drought, vast wildfires, town-leveling tornadoes, fierce heat -- not to mention superstorm Sandy -- all made 2012 one of the worst years in terms of lives lost and property destroyed from extreme weather.

Most scientists believe climate change is partly to blame for last year's wild weather. Jeffrey Kluger, Time magazine's senior editor for science and technology, spoke to Jim Axelrod and Rebecca Jarvis about the record temperatures and massive storms and why we're seeing more of these extremes.

First, Kluger wanted to be clear on the distinction between weather and climate.

"Weather is the short term event: A day, a week, a month, even a year," he said. "Climate is these large, thematic changes." read more>>>

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