Monday, December 3, 2012

The Vertical Axis Small Wind Turbine

Kliux, the turbine flying silently
21 November 2012 - The Kliux vertical axis small wind turbine is just three years old but is already turning heads. The founding fathers of this Rioja-based company, the Equizábal brothers, combine the skills of a Chicago stockbroker and a design wizard and they firmly believe that innovation and R&D can provide a springboard out of the recession.

In March 2011, Kliux Energies presented its brand new vertical axis turbine before the president of the Rioja regional government, Pedro Sanz. The machine was part of a mini wind power and photovoltaic hybrid project, located in the town of Pradejón, within the grounds of the Talleres Morte industrial plant, Kliux's industrial partner. The event was a milestone for a project whose seed was planted a long time ago in the heads of Iñaki and Juan José – the Equizábal brothers.

"I had worked for 20 years in Chicago," says Inaki, now 24. "I worked there in capital markets, fund management, capital risk and an endless chain of other financial services," he explains. During that time, he noticed how many of those funds invested in communication technologies and clean and renewable technologies. "Logically, you think that if the big players are investing, there must be something in it," he muses. read more>>>

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