Thursday, June 7, 2012

U.S. cities last in global climate preparedness

And by allowing the same special interests to continue the 40 odd year block on the development of another industry, now parroting the denial of climate change which is not the only reason for alternative energy sources but one of the very important ones, we could have created rapidly a growth industry as we watched the economy collapse. Thus bringing well paying jobs, which would create even more jobs, and cheaper cleaner energy sources and been out of the economic troubles we are still in. Thanks to the so called conservative mentality, and especially those who are supposed to be working for the people and country, and their support for these special interests which own them we've lost years now in moving forward as those interests pile up and hoard their wealth!!

A global survey reports that cities in Canada and Latin America are at the forefront in planning for climate change, while those in the U.S. lag. A lack of political will and financial resources are cited as obstacles among the nearly 500 cities surveyed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Yale Environment 360

Urban Climate Adaptation Hampered by Fiscal Restraints, Survey Finds
Cities worldwide are increasingly aware of the need to prepare for the effects of climate change — including increased variability in temperatures and extreme weather events — but are often hampered by limited financial resources and political commitment, according to a new survey by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In a survey of 468 cities worldwide, including 298 in the U.S., researchers found that about 68 percent of cities are pursuing adaptation planning in the face of climate changes that include increased stormwater runoff, a jump in electricity demand, and loss of natural ecosystems. read more>>>

U.N. report warns environment is at tipping point
7 June 2012 - The earth's environmental systems "are being pushed towards their biophysical limits," beyond which loom sudden, irreversible and potentially catastrophic changes, the United Nations Environment Program warned Wednesday.

In a 525-page report on the health of the planet, the agency paints a grim picture: The melting of the polar ice caps, desertification in Africa, deforestation of tropical jungles, spiraling use of chemicals and the emptying out of the world's seas are just some of myriad environmental catastrophes posing a threat to life as we know it. read more>>>

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