Friday, June 1, 2012

Ford Sees Green, Smart Technologies as Key

After some forty years of the special interests, the auto industry being one, successfully blocking the growth of the alternative and clean energy technologies, same still trying to, an industry with spin offs, it's about time!

Rebuilding Michigan Economy, Making it the Silicon Valley of Mobility
May 31, 2012 - Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford calls for implementation of key policy reforms to ensure Michigan's competitiveness and spur future innovation

Bill Ford says Michigan can become the Silicon Valley of mobility, lead the generation of more high-tech jobs and help solve the challenge of urban mobility through integration of vehicle and communications technologies

Ford announces Motor City Innovation Exchange, a collaboration between Ford Motor Company, TechShop Detroit, AutoHarvest and TechTown to encourage Michigan innovators and entrepreneurs; affordable work/hacker space and support also being offered to spur job-creating businesses

At today's Mackinac Policy Conference, Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford calls for key policy reform and the need to foster innovation as critical to ensuring Michigan's competitiveness and creating new, high-tech jobs.

"While Michigan is the home of the auto industry, the trends affecting our industry offer a great opportunity to make it the home of a variety of other industries as well," said Bill Ford. "We are heading in the right direction to grow Michigan by putting the right policies in place and investing in Michigan's future."


"No other sector of the economy creates as many spinoff jobs as the auto sector. For each job created in autos, nine more jobs are created to support it," said Ford. "In the past two years, half of the new jobs that have been created here were manufacturing-related."

Continuing to lead the green transformationFord also highlighted the benefits Michigan has realized by being at the center of exciting developments in green technology, including electric vehicles and battery innovation. read more>>>

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