Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vietnam: More Green Construction Works

More and more green construction works come out
VietNamNet Bridge – Developing green works has become a growing tendency in the construction industry, because experts believe that green works will create a better and more economical living standard.

10/03/2012 - Vietnam has a tropical climate with heat and high humidity. Therefore, ventilation and cooling systems are the two biggest concerns for the landlords. Construction works need to be designed in a way which allows to make the houses airy with as much as possible natural air and as less as possible heat from the sun.

As the demand for green works has been increasing steadily, more and more green construction materials have come out, including unfired bricks and power saving bulbs.

Green works save 20 percent more energy

Pham Huy Phong from the HCM City Energy Saving Center said that green construction works would cost the investors 15-30 percent more. However, the investors would benefit later because the operation cost would be lower, thanks to the energy saving methods. He said that green works can save up to 20 percent more energy in comparison with normal construction works.

As green works have been encouraged by the State, more and more green construction materials have been launched into the market. Quang Nang Company in HCM City has marketed light concrete bricks made in accordance with the Vietnamese standards TCXDVN 316:2004. read more>>>

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