Friday, March 9, 2012

German Village Becomes Model for Renewable Energy

I have often thought about what the U.S. could have built and where we'd be in today's world, actually I pretty much know as I grew up in and into what we once were as a leader, once leading in so many area's economically, if we hadn't allowed the special interests to bock the development of the renewable energy industry these past some forty years. As they continue trying and almost succeeding in blocking now, little in their private investment under their free market capitalism and blocking public investment, as what once would have grown rapidly and we'd be a leader in now slowly grows as others take the lead!

A Power Grid of Their Own
03/09/2012 - The tiny village of Feldheim, some 60 kilometers southwest of Berlin, was catapulted by chance to the forefront of the renewable energy movement. Now visitors from around the world are flocking to this otherwise unremarkable rural community to see if they can replicate its success.

Werner Frohwitter drives his white Prius into Feldheim, parking halfway down the village's one street in front of what looks like a shipping container. Behind the street is a field where 43 giant wind turbines loom over the village's 37 houses. Frohwitter works for Energiequelle Gmbh, which owns the wind park. He greets a Russian camera crew and ushers them into the chilly container, which has become Feldheim's impromptu visitor's center. It's the only sign of life in this otherwise quiet village. Inside, he uses posters on the wall to explain the town's energy transformation for the Russian crew's renewable energy documentary. read more>>>

Photo Gallery: Energy Independence in Feldheim

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