Monday, February 27, 2012

'No Electric Bill' Homes

Now if those hired to represent the people stopped obstructing public financing, especially on their false meme's used now, had to stop using those of the past forty years as they no longer apply, of 'climate change', which whether you buy into makes no difference as to alternative clean energy which will create tens of thousands of jobs, we could be creating much needed jobs as well as retraining the innovative work force in the trades long lost over these past decades. Especially in the grants or low interest loans as to existing homes.

Better yet would be for the public funding of the wealthy 'job creators?' of the free market capitalism, especially banks and mortgage companies, who tanked their own cons to invest in the stable now of foreclosed homes, mostly way over prriced in the first place, upgrading them to less energy to zero energy needs, then putting them on the market with non confusing mortgage loans, adding in all or some of the costs for the upgrades which would end up saving the new home owners long term costs.

Green construction project targets 5 states with 'no electric bill' homes
Summary: SolarCity and Shea Homes are teaming up to create homes with technologies and features designed to be so energy-efficient, that they should run entirely on solar power.

February 24, 2012 - Solar developer SolarCity and private home builder Shea Homes (which has been around since 1968) have whipped up a combination of renewable energy technology, green building materials and energy-efficiency systems that it plans to sell as “no electric bill” homes.

Think about that for a moment: imagine no utility bill from your local utility provider. Pretty weird concept, no? Even weirder that this is being offered as part of the purchase price of the home.

SolarCity and Shea Homes are promising these homes in five states to start: Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Washington. That’s where the home builder has Active Lifestyle and Trilogy communities; it is the first time SolarCity will expand into Florida and Nevada. The plan represents one of the largest net-zero electricity home construction projects in the United States, according to the two companies.

Shea Homes is not new to the green home construction game. In the past four years, it has built 3,000 Shea Green Certified homes. It figures those homes have helped save the owners a collective $7 million in energy costs or about 65 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. read more>>>

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