Monday, February 6, 2012

MA town test-bed for 3D solar

New '3D' Solar Cells Could Set Silicon Efficiency Record
January 10th 2012 - Probably the strongest driving force behind photovoltaic solar power has been the consistent improvement the technology has seen over the past few decades, steadily reducing costs while improving efficiency. This reliable improvement led some to imagine a "Moore's Law of Solar," referencing the prominent trend in the development of computer hardware.

PVTech reports that several of the most important developments in the solar industry in 2011 focused on improvements in photovoltaic technologies and rising efficiency. But one important record has remained intact for several years. The record efficiency for a single silicon solar cell has stood at 25 percent since 2008.

Now, however, TGDaily reports that engineers at Menlo Park, Calfornia-based company Solar3D believe they can finally break this record.

The company derives its name from the innovative way in which it has developed its solar cells. MIT's Technology Review reports that Solar3D uses an approach similar to those used by fiber-optics. read more>>>

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