Thursday, February 9, 2012

GOP Senate Candidate and Solar Stimulus Funds

GOP Senate Candidate’s Solar Company Took Stimulus Cash
February 6, 2012 - Former Rep. Mark Neumann (R-WI), who is running in a three-way primary for the state’s open Senate seat on a platform of cutting government, has in fact taken government spending from a particular Obama administration initiative: stimulus grants. What’s more, the money was for his solar energy company.

This revelation doesn’t come at a great time for Neumann, who’s running to the right of the establishment favorite, former Gov. Tommy Thompson. Ever since the Solyndra collapse, the Obama administration’s support for renewable energy companies has been one of the GOP’s favorite talking points.

The Associated Press reports:

The Associated Press first reported Thursday that GOP candidate Mark Neumann’s company Neumann Solar Leasing received about $81,000 in grants last year. But Neumann said Friday that company and another one, MN Solar Leasing, had gotten even more in stimulus grants and other tax credits.

The U.S. Treasury Department confirmed Friday that MN Solar Leasing got nearly $418,000 in stimulus grants. Additionally, Neumann said the two companies collectively have received another $250,000 in income tax credits under the Bush tax credits.

Neumann’s explanation for accepting the funds is that the program is not really from the stimulus — it began as a set of tax credits under the Bush administration. However, its conversion into up-front stimulus grants by the Obama administration made the funds easier to access than waiting for a tax credit. read more>>>

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