Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 Million Solar Roofs Act of 2011

Bernie Sanders proposes to ax fossil-fuel subsidies and add 10 million sun-powered rooftops
Jan 27, 2012 - Bernie Sanders used to be Congressman-at-large from Vermont. Now he's Vermont's junior Senator. In so many ways, however, he's the nation's Senator-at-large, showing the way when so many others in Congress have lost theirs.

While a good chunk of Congress, including a majority of the freshman class in the House, are climate-change deniers, Sanders has no illusions about where we need to be headed. That's why he introduced the 10 Million Solar Rooftops bill last June. That bill, now with seven co-sponsors, was approved for a vote by the full Senate in December. It's also why he introduced legislation to end oil and coal subsidies last year. That bill got just 35 votes in the Senate. But he vowed Tuesday not to give up. Here he is at the rally in Washington, D.C.: read more>>>

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