Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Solar Thermal for All

As Austrian company develops plastic collector
06 January 2012 - The young Austrian firm, Sunlumo, has developed a plastic collector which can be used in a conventional thermosiphonic solar thermal system. It believes its One-World Solar Collector represents “an important step” to a single standard solar collector for the whole world.

Some 90 percent of all existing solar facilities worldwide work to the thermosiphonic principle. “Water circulates without the use of additional pumps and thus with no auxiliary energy to functions [sic]”, Sunlumo CEO, Robert Buchinger explains. His company has now made the solar thermal system, which has conventionally used glass collectors, even simpler by developing an innovative collector made entirely from plastic.

The young green technology company from Perg (Upper Austria) says this unique product is ideal for the volume market. “This development is a further important step for the implementation of a single standard solar collector for the whole world”, says Buchinger.

The One-World Solar Collector made from plastic is resistant to thermal and climatic influences, light weight and is 50 percent cheaper to produce. The collector is suitable for universal one-world use and is thus easy to integrate in the solar energy system. read more>>>

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