Saturday, January 14, 2012

'Green energy', + Job Growth not - Job Growth

What is needed is more public investment, as it would benefit the whole country, because the private sector investments in are not happening as they are supposed to by that sectors own promises related to the capitalism ideology they, and government, initiated back some three decades ago. Even though that supposed capitalism would greatly benefit the private sector, especially in a cleaner and cheaper infrastructure, much more then roads and bridges, and energy needs as well as health and safety of their employee's and much more.

'Green energy' is the best route to profitable public investment
01.12.12 - The Obama administration's investments in the green energy economy have already produced a great number of jobs in a sector with significant potential for additional growth. It would be a serious mistake to undercut the initiative just as it's contributing to the recovery.

While estimates vary on exactly how many jobs the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created, several experts have put the number at 2 million or more. Separate studies by Daniel J. Wilson of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, economists James Feyrer and Bruce Sacerdote of Dartmouth College and the Congressional Budget Office also conclude that government spending on infrastructure, goods and services produces one of the highest jobs-per-dollar ratios of all spending alternatives.

Included in this category of government spending is support of green energy programs such as weatherization, smart grids and the Department of Energy's loans for innovative technologies.

A study conducted in 2011 by the BlueGreen Alliance and the Economic Policy Institute confirmed the jobs benefits of green energy policies. It found that the stimulus created or saved 997,000 green jobs - including jobs in the energy sector - through the end of 2010. One can view some of these jobs online via the website, although these are only the "direct" jobs reported by project contractors and do not include "induced" jobs, such as those devoted to the production of the steel needed to make wind turbines.

Even more of these jobs can be viewed at the Department of Energy's Loan Program Office website read more>>>

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