Friday, January 20, 2012

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Much more of this is needed, especially privately funded but also with public funds and the Government has been trying to implement more into while some within continue blocking same, for a wide variety of reasons and should have started a couple of decades back, mostly certainly as the economy started tanking and with the total lack of private investments in much of anything. These types of issues not only quickly create huge numbers of good paying jobs, especially in a greatly reduced construction industry, but they have quick returns on the investment thus saving money, in many ways even as to health, forward.

Energy Efficiency Gains Star Power
January 19, 2012 - Clean technology may have been a political hot potato in 2011, but energy efficiency is becoming downright cool.

A major overhaul at the iconic Empire State Building helped raise the profile of energy efficiency. That project -- which included replacing 6,500 windows, adding insulation, upgrading lighting, and installing a digital wireless monitoring system -- is powering a 38 percent annual energy reduction and $4.4 million in annual savings.

Publicity surrounding the project -- from the likes of Presidents Clinton and Obama, not to mention major flogging by the companies and nonprofits involved with the $13 million project -- amounts to a towering achievement for energy efficiency, which has remained in the background, an unheralded hero, for years.

The Empire State Building wasn't the only aging star getting an energy makeover. Sixty-odd blocks downtown, the 104-year-old New York Stock Exchange building replaced more than 7,000 square feet of windows with super-insulating SeriousGlass. The windows were designed to increase the thermal performance by almost 60 percent and reduce solar heat gain by 40 percent compared to the original glass. Clearly, there's a bull market for saving energy. read more>>>

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