Saturday, January 14, 2012

Biogas-Powered Fuel Cells

Fuel cell microgrids to get spark from renewable biogas
January 10, 2012 - An energy project in Austria will use biogas-powered fuel cells at homes and businesses to pump power into the grid.

ClearEdge Power today announced a deal with Austrian energy company Gussing Renewable Energy to supply 50 megawatts worth of fuel cells over the next five years for installation in Austria. The deal will be worth $500 million over that time, making it one of the biggest contracts for stationary fuel cells.

In the first phase, ClearEdge Power's large refrigerator-size fuel cells, which each can generate five kilowatts of electric power and heat from gas, will be installed to power groups of residences and commercial buildings. Some will be designed as microgrids, where the fuel cells will be a distributed energy source for a network of buildings, according to the representative.

Most fuel cells convert natural gas to electricity and heat. At the Gussing project, about 25 percent of its fuel cells will initially run on biogas, or methane derived from biomass such as trash, yard clippings, or food. Gussing Renewable Energy's, which develops low-carbon energy projects, plans to use biogas entirely by 2020, according to ClearEdge Power. read more>>>

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