Sunday, December 18, 2011

Growth of Microgrids

Microgrids Poised to Grow to Meet Campus-Scale Energy Demands
December 15, 2011 - The market for microgrids at universities, corporate headquarters, hospitals, and military bases will grow by 164 percent by 2017, according to new report by Pike Research.

Microgrids allow campus-scale facilities to better manage distributed energy sources and achieve greater control in meeting energy demands. Pike Research says the campus microgrid market could reach $777 million by 2017 rising in capacity from 620 MW to 1.6 GW.

While universities and educational institutions currently lead the microgrid market in terms of actual online operating capacity, interest in microgrids is growing for all organizations that maintain campuses, says Peter Asmus, senior analyst and report author with Pike Research. read more>>>

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