Sunday, December 11, 2011

Green: "more impacting than the computer revolution"

The only way to grow an industry, once in start mode here in the U.S. until stopped by special interests seeking the meme's needed to gather a following who parrot them, is to finally have those investments in economic growth promised when changing to the so called free market capitalism, which hasn't and won't be brought, certainly didn't go to those who actually do the labor since implementation with the stagnated wages and benefits. Thus that only leaves the government, us, to invest heavily in that growth which will bring on those private investment, finally. Time to take back the huge wealth gained by these free marketers over the past couple of decades and have that pay for the infrastructure's and R and D they need to exist, not the masses paying for as they have, and to once again grow an innovative economic industry, we were once doing in many area's, with an innovative workforce of intelligent trades as well as intelligent forward looking entrepreneurs, not bottom line only moguls and investors!

Michigan Can Be a Leader in Dealing With Climate Change
December 10, 2011 - The opportunity to pull Michigan out of its economic slump and deal with climate change is right in front of us.

"Michigan is one of the key places on earth where we can turn this around," said Peter Sinclair, an award-winning graphic artist, illustrator, animator, long-time environmentalist and blogger of Climate Crocks.

"[Green technology] can become the spear point of a major industrial revolution more impacting than the computer revolution."

He spoke recently at the Kalamazoo Nature Center about the effects of greenhouse gases (GHG) on the natural cycles of the earth and what we can do about it.

Millions of young people prepared for jobs in the emerging green technology could make a huge difference on our world in much the same way that young people were inspired by President Kennedy's call to put a man on the moon, said Sinclair.

"We need that kind of national mission now!" said Sinclair who contends that green technology can help the planet and create a new, green economy.

Many people fear that any change from our current fossil fuel economy will mean that we will have to live in caves, candlelight and be without cars. Many detractors and non-believers in climate change play on that fear, too. Here, too, the reality differs from the rhetoric. read more>>>


  1. I am not a fan of wind power or bio fuels. Solar facilities need to become smaller; more efficient in maximizing and storing the energy produced. New nano type storage cells are a step in the correct direction but solar has a long way to go. Many existing electric grids don`t have the capacity to facilitate solar energy conversion into hydro based systems as of yet.
    Perhaps scalar wave energy which has been suppressed and withheld from us since 1932 is the answer.

  2. Obviously you're young, the technology, as well as possible new sources, would have greatly advanced and we here in the U.S. would be the leaders in that, as we were for in many area's, if we hadn't the special interests block that advancement we started some forty years back, I was installing then, same are trying to block still. Around same time we started loosing the trades mentality and experiences to train new, sending them to other countries that once envied us for what we were building, economically and innovatively, they now lead. You might want to search out new sources of products, up and running now, as to wind, before disregarding that source.