Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Can US lead global solar market?"

We once did lead starting down that road some forty years ago then allowed the development and innovations we were once known for on many many issues to be blocked from advancing, still being blocked by the same special interests with updated meme's to use. The only way this country can even attempt to lead, let alone catch up to others who now have the experienced and innovative trades workers once here who have taken what was started and continue to enhance product development and results from, is for the private sector investments to greatly increase and not just because of tax breaks. If these are true capitalist, they're not as they've shown for that same some forty years, then they should follow what capitalism is, and that's not just how much one can accumulate and hoard, by bringing forth quality product development and results from that saves costs while also creating not just higher wage middle class jobs but innovative workers, which once we did lead with as others envied. The capitalist 1% hoarding now need the infrastructures and low cost produced from to even exist let alone prosper for everyone.

Solar Power Generation USA asks, "Can US lead global solar market?"
22. December 2011 - Utilities, investors and project developers discuss industry impact of uncertain investment tax credit cash grant future.

With the impending year-end expiration of the nation’s renewable energy investment tax credit (ITC) cash grant, Solar Power Generation USA announced that domestic utilities, investors and project developers across the industry will meet in Las Vegas to share forecasts and insights, and to discuss the steps required for the US to lead the global solar market. Veteran executives from Brightsource Energy, Duke Energy, First Solar, Sempra Generation, Southern California Edison, Tucson/UniSource Energy, and dozens more are planning to attend and speak. Solar Power Generation USA, the award-winning conference on large-scale utility solar in the US, may answer if – and how – the domestic solar industry can maintain record growth as federal support wanes.

"While the US has become a major player in the global solar industry, we can’t ignore the impact that letting this tax credit expire will have on the sector’s continued growth in America," said Laura Dinnewell, Director of Solar Power Generation USA. "Our sessions will provide a forum for utilities, project developers, and equipment manufacturers to discuss key factors that determine investment and new project planning." read more>>>

As to energy needs clean and sustainable is a big cost saver in the present and for the generations to come as it's developed even further and new sources and products for from innovative workers and minds comes forward.

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