Monday, March 7, 2011

Enviro. Concerns Will Drive Demand For Green Building Materials

Not only are many joining the move in advancing, economically and technology, that which the U.S. once was the leader in up till some thirty years ago, the new developments in the needed technologies, tools, materials and other products will mostly be produced by others then the U.S., they've already started and are rapidly taking the lead. Environment is a main lead in the need for advancing but there are many other just as important benefits to be gained, as there always has been from world societies moving forward.

Global market for green building materials set to expand to us$406 billion by 2015

March 5, 2011 - A growing demand for green building material has been noted in the regional real estate industry. This is driven by the increas-ing stress on implementation of green building standards by local governments and civil authorities.

Concern about the impact the construction industry has on the local environment and a realisation of the need for sustainable development has fuelled a drive to align the construction industry to green building standards. This perceptible shift in the con-struction industry is expected to be reflected at Hardware+Tools Middle East 2011 – the only dedicated trade event for the hardware, tools, machinery and construction material in the Middle East.

According to recent research, the global market for green building material is expected to be worth US$406 billion by 2015, driven largely by environmental consciousness, high energy costs, and the understanding that green buildings contribute to long-term benefits such as improved efficiency, cost savings and higher production. As costs of green building materials drop, they are becoming increasingly popular the world over.*

“The push to conform with global best practices in sustainable real estate development is gathering pace in the Middle East,” said Ahmed Pauwels, Chief Executive Officer of organiser Epoc Messe Frankfurt. “As construction majors look to decrease their carbon footprint and adopt environmentally-friendly building methods, the demand for green building material is quickly gathering pace,” he added. {continued}

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