Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Signs of Growth in the Green Energy Sector

Bottom line, if ones not willing to advance into what should already have happened long ago and with this Country leading those advancements, clean energy sources and a clean environment, then one is damaging the Countries National Security and leaving a more damaged planet to the generations to come!

Signs of Growth in the Green Energy Sector of the New York Metro Area's Economy

08 Feb 2011 - Skylight Green Energy Solutions LLC is an energy consulting and contracting company who is starting a new business in the new "Green" economy that President Obama has so frequently spoken of. One of Skylight Green Energy Solutions LLC (SGES) founding partners and President, Michael Neggie, speaks of the company's business plan: "Showing our clients how they can help save money, while helping the environment, is critical if we as a society are going to transform the world's economy to one based on renewable and Green energy and technology". He goes on to say: "There are numerous ways that everyone can help save energy every day. The way you commute to work. The habits you have in your everyday life, at home or at work. These attitudes can become second nature and then be passed along to the next generation to move all people towards a more sustainable future."

Skylight Green Energy Solutions LLC is in business to help consumers who are interested in a "Total Home" approach to saving energy. SGES's motto "Conservation, Efficiency, Green Energy" is a guide to the way it makes recommendations. Starting by revealing where their clients are losing energy is a good way to begin. {continued}

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