Saturday, February 26, 2011

Koch Brothers and Wisconsin's Green Economy

These are not intelligent forward thinking best of the best of the best..... business executives! Makes no difference what the wealth is they've accumulated, and are thought of as leaders, they do so by number crunching not building advanced business idea's with the help of innovative workers. They do so by investing not in those forward advancing idea's and technologies but by buying their political rights to keep things as they are, comfortable bottom line wealth, little chance of failure even if products produced cause minor or major failure and making sure those who actually make that wealth, for them and their investors, are used and abused to the fullest they possibly can, to be discarded and replaced at will continuing their cycle of power and greed!

This Country should have already been 'the!' leader in advancing technologies for cleaner and cheaper energy and more technologies, that which once built a powerful economy, in manufacturing and exporting those technologies and continued advancement. Take a thousand of these so called best of the best.........highly compensated business executives and you may, may, find one or two that actually fit the description of being. But they are silenced, or even condemned, by the rest who want the status quo, they fear the unknown.

Koch Brothers A Real Threat to Wisconsin’s Green Economy

As we have noted, even more than attacking the rights of Wisconsin workers, Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal threatens the economic security of Wisconsin families. Among the many damaging proposals that Walker is attempting to unilaterally force through in the budget “fix” bill is Provision 16.896, which would allow the sale of the state’s heating, cooling, and power plants to private corporations without the solicitation of bids. Adding insult to injury, Walker also aims to strip away the ability of the Public Service Commission to approve or certify this buy-out. In other words, if this bill were to pass, state-owned utilities could easily be bought by corporations as the latter wishes. {continued}

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