Thursday, February 17, 2011

"investing in efficient and sustainable energy technologies”

We should have already not only been investing but had a green economy up and running if we had started when first coming up some thirty years ago as to solar installations etc., we talk then stop even talking when beaten down by the established corporations, instead of them seeking newer and cleaner energy sources that are cheaper and bring a better sustainable profit! A cleaner planet and climate change needs are just huge benefits of the progress that should have already been established!

Independent Senator Chairs Green Jobs Hearing

February 16, 2011 - Recent journalistic coverage, from sources such as The State Column, has indicated that United States Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from the state of Vermont, chaired a hearing in the U.S. Senate yesterday that aimed to examine how the United States is “competing with other nations for green jobs” and facing the growing demands of the burgeoning green industries.

The consideration of the United States’s place in the larger international scheme of things is particularly pertinent given news in the past year that countries such as China and some European nations have already made significant headway into the development of environmentally-friendly and lucrative innovations.

In addition to being the chairman of the Green Jobs and New Economy Subcommittee, Senator Bernie Sanders was named to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress earlier this month, on February 4. {continued}

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