Friday, February 11, 2011

Focus The Nation Event

Focus the Nation on clean energy

February 11, 2011 - This week DePauw University hosted their Focus The Nation event, a yearly event designed to focus dialogue, resources and knowledge about particular issues affecting the world. This year the theme was Green Jobs -- Green Economy, an idea very dear to Mayor Sue Murray and the Putnam RISE program developed this year.

Murray attended the seminars on Thursday along with Steve Setchell, director of Putnam RISE. The sustaibaility section of the event allowed visitors to get to know the Putnam RISE project, as well as let the community know about the benefits of the program.

Tom and Nancy Zennie, two organic certified farmers from Cloverdale, felt a strong connection to the sustainaibility issues presented in the event. As organic farmers, they are dedicated to using energy efficient materials and equipment in the home and on their farm, using biofuels in their truck and compact flourescent light fixtures in their barn. They credit the organic food for better taste and quality because of its lack of chemical treatments.

"One of the reasons organic produce almost always wins taste contests is because they grow different," Tom Zennie said, also describing that the crops become used to the soil and grow at a higher quality. {continued}

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