Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Economic Advancement: Laws should Encourage, not Stifle

Tom Clark: 'Our laws should encourage, not stifle, development'

February 15, 2011 - Nevada needs jobs. To have any hope of turning around this economic slump, we need to create and sustain good paying jobs for well-educated workers. There's a general conversation about "green" jobs and a "green" economy, but what does that really mean? What does that look like? And how do we get there?

Those were the questions raised in November when a panel of 13 industry leaders from large renewal energy companies, the utility, small developers and environmental experts gathered at Bishop Manogue High School to discuss these issues and start a dialogue with the community.

The result was a recognition that there is already some green activity in our community and the infrastructure is in place for a lot of future opportunities. However, a lack of financing, education and a "green culture" in Nevada are the primary barriers to making them a reality.

We're open for business {continued}

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