Sunday, February 20, 2011

'Carbon Nation':

Van Jones has the Right idea! Those using the failed meme's of not the reality 'global warming', i.e. the melting of the polar caps, which leads to global climate change, are just being the detractors of today, led by the special interests of the established corporations, trying to lock the brakes on what once made this country the envy of the planet, innovation and innovative workers! Detractors have always been around, trying to block advancing societies and advancing innovative idea's and dreams, now though they are flush with huge amounts of wealth garnered from failed capitalist ideology practiced the past some thirty years and parroted by supporters arguing against their own better good!

Preview Featuring Van Jones

02/18/11 - Environmental documentaries are beginning to flood theaters, but viewers frequently walk away with one question on their minds - what is the solution?

Enter "Carbon Nation," a new documentary focused less on climate change problems, and more on solutions to fix our warming world.


Director Peter Byck explains in a Georgia Straight interview, "One of our goals was to make a film that wasn't blaming and shaming, because we found that, just in our lives as people, that didn't really inspire us to do the right thing... We wanted to make a film that was forward-looking, find out who was doing good things." {continued}

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