Thursday, December 9, 2010

Women in Green

The green economy needs women leaders

8 December 2010 - On the eve of this year’s international climate change conference in Cancun, women are beginning to position themselves as major players in the emerging green economy. Until recently, women have represented a tiny minority at these conferences and have been almost entirely absent from major gatherings of green entrepreneurs. Women, now playing a more active role, understand that their absence from both the design and success of the industrial and technological revolutions prevented them from directly reaping the political and financial rewards from those seismic economic shifts. These women also recognize that, because they were sidelined, they failed to prevent the unsustainable business models that brought us climate change and other environmental disasters and debilitating economic and social inequities.

Today, women find themselves in a different position than they were during the advent of the industrial revolution when they didn’t have the right to vote and education was sparse. Women are also better represented in the fields of science and technology. {read rest}

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