Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Wider Green Economy Benefits

Biggest overhaul in more than 100 years to create green construction

2 December 2010 - The construction industry faces its biggest overhaul in more than a century if it's to meet the low carbon agenda, according to a new report.

In what would be the biggest change management programme since Victorian times the government backed report says the building sector faces making a massive transformation.

Prepared by the Innovation and Growth Team (IGT), earlier this week, the report is compiled by people working in the industry and was asked to look into how the sector could meet the low carbon agenda.

The report claim if the construction industry is to play its part in the UK's Climate Change Act and help reduce net carbon emissions by 2050 to at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline a 'quantum change' would be needed. {read rest}

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