Monday, December 27, 2010

Solar Projects at Parks and Nature Centers

As well as the National Cemeteries, not in this report, and similar projects elsewhere. Finally investing on the front end to save money, and give clean energy etc., in many ways.

Solar projects are lighting the way at parks

Grants totaling $1 million are funding 22 solar projects, using sales tax money from the clean water, land and legacy amendment passed in 2008.

Photo provided by Prairie Woods: Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center now uses solar panels and a wind generator and burns biomass. It’s a showplace for renewable energy on a home or small-business scale.

December 26, 2010 - Solar energy projects are springing up in parks and nature centers across the metro area and state, funded by the clean water, land and legacy amendment.

About $1 million has been awarded to projects that will light buildings, parking lots and trails, power a drinking water well, heat water for campground showers and even power electric trash compactors.

The money is a fraction of the sales tax funds from the 2008 voter-approved constitutional amendment. The money is for wildlife habitat, clean water, parks and trails, and arts and cultural projects. {continued}

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