Friday, December 17, 2010

Smart Growth and Green Jobs

Now if we could only get those who reaped, especially the billions over the past decade from just the wars of choice alone, to loosen that tight grip over those ill gotten gains and start investing, as they should have even with the con job free market capitalism doing, just as forecast. We could be moving forward once again and not creating more societal destruction! There would be projects going on all throughout this country.

Despite Recession and Conservative Opposition, States Putting People Back To Work in Green Economy

Thanks to a bill introduced by State Representative Mike Foley, Ohio will go ahead with a popular program that supports renewable and advanced energy projects. The program, the Advanced Energy Fund, was set to expire by the end of this year but was extended for an additional three years. The Fund uses grants, contracts, loans, linked deposits, and production incentives to encourage and develop a green energy economy.

Despite opposition from conservatives, who after the mid-term elections will take over the Ohio House, the legislature voted for a program that has served Ohioans since its inception. For instance, monies from the fund have created two large-scale wind farms that will bring electricity to 45,000 Ohioans and that have created in-state jobs in manufacturing and installation. The Fund complements the state’s renewable portfolio and energy efficiency standards for driving demand for clean energy. Ohio is one of the 29 states that requires that a percentage of their electricity originate from renewable energy. Of the 18 states that have both renewable portfolio and energy efficiency standards in place, 11 of them (61 percent) have more jobs in the clean energy economy than the national average. Similarly, in 12 of those 18 states, clean energy jobs made up a larger share of all jobs when compared to the US average. {continued}

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