Friday, December 10, 2010

Silver Lining is Green

Housing's silver lining is green

Trend toward eco-friendly homes spurs industry to rethink status quo

MonierLifetile has developed a “smog eating” roofing tile designed to absorb and neutralize nitrogen oxide, a pollutant caused by vehicle exhaust.

December 10, 2010 - If there's a bright spot in the housing market, one that has both rehabbers and builders looking forward optimistically, it is the growing interest in going green.

That was plainly evident last month as almost 30,000 people converged on Chicago to attend Greenbuild, an industry event displaying the latest in environmentally conscious building techniques and products for the commercial and residential construction markets.

McGraw-Hill Construction pegs the residential green-construction market at $12 billion to $17 billion this year.

Industry observers believe the current depressed housing market is giving professionals time to rethink their building strategies. At the same time, various federally supported efforts and financial incentives are making consumers more aware of what steps they can take to make their homes more sustainable and earth friendly. {continued}

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