Friday, December 10, 2010

New Orleans' Green Economy

New Orleans will lead in the creation of a green economy, one that uses renewable energy as fuel and green jobs as opportunity

Dec 03, 2010 - New Orleans is justifiably proud that the city’s spirit has never been broken, never wavered. The city has seen disaster – twice in the last decade alone. The city has survived.

The stories of those survivals have been told many times. They’re stories made possible by the people who live there; who remain and maintain no matter what happens; who are the city. But it’s time for a new story. Or, at least, a new chapter.

New Orleans stands poised to lead on a new chapter for the nation. The people of New Orleans can create an economy that is new, is innovative, and has room for any American who wants to participate. New Orleans can and will lead in the creation of a green economy, one that uses renewable energy as fuel and green jobs as opportunity.

This opportunity isn’t unique to New Orleans, but it’s happening on the Gulf Coast already. Operation Reach runs the GulfSouth Youth Biodiesel Project, which trains young people on creating fuel sources from organic material. Total Community Action’s program puts people to work “weatherizing” homes – that is, increasing their energy efficiency, significantly reducing energy bills over the long term.

Other organizations and individuals are running urban farms, harnessing the power of the sun, building water management systems – to the tune of thousands of people, working on creating a cleaner New Orleans. {continued}

New Orleans will also be the home of a large Veterans Administration complex that just broke ground a few months ago, incorporating the Green Technologies that they've been doing in upgrading existing VA facilities as well as the new these last couple of years since Gen. Shinseki and his administration came onboard. They'll be using and upgrading a few existing buildings while building new to create the VA care and research campus.

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