Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fort Bragg: More on Dangerous Gypsum Products

There has been an ongoing investigation, most statements coming up saying nothing is wrong, at Fort Bragg as to infant deaths there in base housing. The original drywall investigations were about drywall manufactured in China and used in homes in Florida and elsewhere, lately they're saying some American manufacturers have also been producing dangerous drywall product!

Drywall supplier at Bragg faces suit

Dec 18, 2010 - A drywall manufacturer that supplied wallboard used in Fort Bragg housing is the subject of a class-action lawsuit filed in Florida.

Charlotte-based National Gypsum is one of at least four manufacturers that supplied drywall used in thousands of new and renovated homes at the military installation since 2006, The Fayetteville Observer confirmed Friday.

In three separate federal lawsuits, lawyers representing nearly 100 homeowners in Florida, Alabama and Arizona accused the company of manufacturing "inherently defective drywall" shown to emit harmful sulfur gases. {continued}

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