Saturday, December 25, 2010

Coastal Green Homes

Living Green on the Coast

One of the few bright lights in the housing market is being emitted from green homes, those new and remodeled dwellings designed to be earth friendly and durable.

photo by David Papazian: A green home in Devil's Lake takes advantage of energy-saving high performance windows and generous overhangs to protect exterior walls.

The weather along our coast is tough on our dwellings. Seventy to ninety inches of rain per year is not uncommon. High winds pound horizontal rain at the sides of our homes. Our salt-laden air silently chews away at exposed metal surfaces. Water and vapor slither into our homes to launch colonies of mold. Earthquakes, tsunamis and fires patiently wait their turn to deliver unexpected threats to our structures. Some of the key characteristics of green homes relevant to our coastal conditions include design and construction for durability, reducing energy use, and improved indoor air quality. There are many strategies that you can uses to improve the durability of your home, reduce utility costs and enhance indoor air quality. {continued}

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