Monday, November 8, 2010

VA Hospital Goes Solar

Sink?? More like Savings!!

Feds will sink $7M into solar energy system for VA hospital

November 8, 2010 - The Department of Veterans Affairs will spend more than $6.6 million on a solar photovoltaic system for the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Generating power on-site will free up operations and maintenance funds for patient care, according to a press release issued by Ameresco, the energy efficiency and renewable energy company that the VA chose for the project.

The project will involve a mix of roof-top and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic panels. The roof-top systems will be installed at seven facilities with systems ranging from 35 to 100 kilowatts. The ground-mounted system is slated to be approximately 550 kW after the design is completed and approved. Design will begin shortly, while construction is slated to begin in early 2011. {read rest}

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