Tuesday, November 16, 2010

U.S. Green Economy

Green Economy

15 November 2010 - Governments around the world are starting to make a priority of developing new industries that will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. The United States government... sorta. The executive branch led by President Obama is moving ahead with subsidizing research and development of green industry with an eye toward creating lots of new jobs.

The Congress, has been more cautious about legislation meant to push back on global climate changes. With a new Republican House of Representatives set to take office in January, the already lukewarm reception to ambitious responses to climate change is likely to become downright chilly. {read rest}

And watch now just how fast things turn around with what little has been happening here, as to the Worlds richest and most powerful Country, as we rush to that third world status and our infrastructure collapses as well, long gone is any leader status!!

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