Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teaching? Resources for Green Technology

The teaching, outside of any really technical needs of design and researching advances {they also exist}, comes from the doing. There's masses of all ready highly skilled and mentally capable to quickly grasp experienced tradespeople, with years and decades of doing, all over. We can keep going on this need to grow this higher education 'industry', for bottom line, or we can get going right now and do it, just as those before us did and built what once was and is quickly disappearing or breaking down. Lets get started Now not after wasting more time so called teaching which is quickly thrown out in the doing and building.

TSI announce unique new teaching resources for Green Technology at BETT ME

November 06 2010 - On stand E30, Technical Solutions International along with LJ Create, a UK company who TSI represent in the Middle East, will be showcasing their new resources for teaching Green Technology.

The resources represent an exciting way to teach Green Construction and Sustainable Energy and incorporate teacher presentations, practical exploration and interactive lessons and simulations to introduce learners to the key aspects within these topics. {read rest}

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