Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scotland and Green

Scotland to invest £70m in green economy

04, Nov 2010 - Scotland is set to invest £70 million into its offshore green economy, first minister Alex Salmond announced on Tuesday.

The cash will be used to boost port and manufacturing facilities and help to build offshore wind turbines and other related equipment.

According to Scottish Enterprise, the National Renewables Infrastructure Fund will help to increase private sector investment over the next four years.

This could see up to 28,000 new jobs created and £7.1 billion added to the Scottish economy.

Mr Salmond has also asked the UK government to remove restrictions on immediate access to the Fossil Fuel Levy funds generated in Scotland to allow the nation to invest even more heavily in green industry.


"I'm pleased to welcome the renewables industry to Scotland because we are a nation with considerable natural and human resources and the political will needed to deliver a green energy revolution that can build sustainable economic recovery and reduce Europe's carbon emissions," he said. {read rest}

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