Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eagles Lincoln Financial Field Goin Green!

Hey Buffalo, pay attention, Rich Stadium could use this, make use of all that wind comin off the lake!

Eagles aim to turn Lincoln Financial Field into world's greenest stadium

An artist’s rendering of Lincoln Financial Field with the addition of wind turbines around the upper edge and solar panels covering portions of the stadium roof and facade, expected to be installed by September.

Nov. 18, 2010 - The Philadelphia Eagles' Lincoln Financial Field, built before the advent of seriously green construction, is soon to become the greenest stadium in the world, the club is to announce Thursday.

Come opening day next September, if all goes as planned, the upper rim of the stadium will be studded with 100 spiral-shape wind turbines.

Some 2,500 solar panels will cover portions of the roof and facade, tilting south.

In the parking lot - not where the fans park - the Eagles will build a cogeneration power plant that can run on biodiesel or natural gas.

Taken together, the Eagles say, the three sources will fully power any game, even as the stadium lights blaze, and the sound system blasts.

In effect, the team will be off the grid, although the system will remain tethered to feed unneeded juice back into the grid.

"The Eagles continue to lead the way," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. {read rest}

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