Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Driving Technology Commercialization

There's still an awful lot of talk, and plenty of Construction Trades Professionals sitting on what they don't, quickly able to start immediately with no training as we adapt quickly or have done similar already, as they once worked hard and smart for hours a day, lets see how Nevada stacks up with this!

Nevada Commission on Economic Development

November 2010 - All the western states experienced budget crunches in the recent economic downturn. All the western states are looking for new business. And the cost of doing business in the western states is fairly similar across the board (California being the exception). Nevada needed a dynamic business platform to present the reasons Nevada is a great place to grow business.

Nevada also needed a way to make the playing field a little less even. In Nevada’s favor. A home field advantage.


The next step was to identify the industries Nevada wanted to recruit. In general, all states want industries that offer high wage jobs and operate clean and green. Nevada not only wanted clean, green industries, but those industries that could benefit from what Nevada has to offer: great sun, wind and geothermal resources, a construction-based workforce on tap, and an energy-hungry state next door to export energy to. Creating renewable energy technology fits neatly into place given those parameters. {read rest}

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