Sunday, November 28, 2010

China Green

Green Life, Green Growth

28 November 2010 - The 2010 China International Green Industry Expo that opened earlier this week in Beijing speaks volumes about the country's ambitions of making the green economy a new growth engine for its sustainable development.

Chinese enterprises' drive to go green will be crucial to the ongoing global efforts to tackle climate change.

However, an editorial in the China Daily says efforts to cut pollution and save energy will not be enough to ensure a fundamental change in the country's growth model if 1.3 billion Chinese consumers cannot be fully mobilized to embrace a greener lifestyle.

The central government set environmental and energy efficiency targets for local governments and domestic enterprises. But the article points out that some local governments' attempts to meet their green goals do not augur well for the future. After failing to work hard enough during most of the past five years to increase their energy efficiency, some local governments just cut energy supplies to households and enterprises as the deadline approached. {read rest}

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