Friday, November 5, 2010

Californians want to Lead in Green

Voters want Golden State to lead in green energy

Nov 05th 2010 - Nearly lost in the national implosion of the Democratic Party, the counter-intuitive statewide sweep of Democrats in California, and the overwhelming defeat of recreational marijuana, was a far more consequential result of the November 2nd vote -- the defeat of Proposition 23.

This oil-industry backed voter initiative would have rolled back the leading edge provisions of AB 32, the state bill that calls for rapid adoption of renewable energy. Under AB 32, by 2020, the state would have to reduce its use of non-renewable energy (mainly fossil fuels such as oil and coal) to 1990 levels, and replace it with solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable resources. The no vote on Prop 23 now clears the way for full implementation of AB 32, which will make California the nation's leader in renewable energy, as well as the fight against anthropogenic global warming.

In essence, the bill is a stimulus package for the renewable energy industry, the bulk of which is based in California. The potential result of this decisive vote (61 percent opposed, 40 percent in favor) is to put California and California companies in the lead position as the nation and the world look to de-link our survival from fossil fuels. {read rest}

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